For over half a century, our workshops have served ladies and gentlemen, royalty, governments, museums and palaces who wish to commission fine silver and gold craftsmanship. It speaks to our commitment to the traditions of precious metal crafts, our reputation for design innovation and perfectionist ideals of quality. Today, we work with clients around the world, realising their ideas in the finest materials, and we also have the honour of holding a Royal Warrant for our work. Our master craftsmen look forward to delivering timeless, unique luxury pieces to new generations for the next half century and beyond.

After an initial discussion about your commission our in-house team will create visual ideas for your consideration, we can then work out a time schedule and then our master craftsmen can start work on bringing your piece to life. Whether it be a masterpiece in silver, a fabulous set of cutlery or the very finest bone china, your idea can be made real.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke commission please contact: or call us on: +44 (0)20 7633 0278

Designing the impossible.

By using the latest in 3D printing techniques, Grant Macdonald’s designers can take any idea from your imagination and, using the traditional silversmithing talents of our craftsmen, realise it as a remarkable physical object. This blending of new technology and traditional craft skills enables Grant Macdonald to create precious metal masterworks that would have been impossible to produce last century. That commitment to innovation ensures our workshops deliver remarkable, award winning pieces, and continue to do so.

A commitment to the finest traditions.

Our master craftsmen have taken a lifetime to perfect their craft, notably in London, the historic centre of the jewellery world since the 1500s, and the birthplace of horology in the 1700. Our finished designs are then made using the traditional skills of the silversmith and goldsmith, using techniques that have been perfected over centuries of painstaking, highly skilled labour. 

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A proud tradition of service.

Since the 1960s, Grant Macdonald has taken great pride in both our contribution to the design world and the quality of our pieces, many of which can be found in embassies, parliaments, museums and palaces the world over. That legacy of fine craftsmanship is intrinsically bound to our philosophy of service. Bespoke commissions, no matter how complex, can be completed in as little as six weeks, and the workshops regularly welcome visitors who wish to collaborate with the design team to tailor every aspect of their masterwork to precise requirements. Grant Macdonald’s ongoing commitment to outstanding service builds lifetime-long client relationships with every bespoke masterwork we produce.