Grant Macdonald’s collections express the design aesthetics, master craftsmanship and London quality that made us a globally recognised name in precious metal luxury goods, and proud recipients of a highly coveted Royal Warrant. We are delighted to offer a selection of our exclusive designs through our Harrods store and online boutique, for connoisseurs of fine silver and homewares.


From objet d’art to finely detailed sculpture and bold contemporary designs, our masterworks embody both the creativity of our craftsmen, and the lifetime of skill it takes to deliver precious metal works that will be valued equally now and in the future.

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Gentlemen’s accessories

Grant Macdonald’s accessories have been designed for the gentleman who knows that while tastes change, the demand for style remains constant. The range reflects contemporary themes and classic British style, in the finest materials to be worn and enjoyed now, and become heirlooms for future generations.

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The TUSK Collection

Grant Macdonald Silversmiths are proud to support the work of the charity Tusk whose patron is The Duke of Cambridge. Tusk is a dynamic and pioneering organisation with over twenty five years of initiating and funding conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa.

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Desk accessories

We invest the same craftsmanship and design expertise into our desk accessories as our bespoke masterworks to ensure that, no matter what the task at hand may be, the experience of working with them is as effortless as dining with our silverware, and as pleasing to both the eye and touch.

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Dining Silverware

Regardless of the setting, dining silverware must combine beauty with efficiency, delicately balancing the aesthetic impact of each piece with thoughtful ergonomics. Grant Macdonald silverware is designed using advanced rapid prototyping techniques to ensure effortless performance, and produced by hand to meet the highest expectations of luxury dining.

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Grand Macdonald’s barware collection brings both design flair and an unwavering commitment to fine British craftsmanship to every location. It is the perfect companion to vintage wines, spirits, champagnes and cocktails, combining the highest handmade quality with striking aesthetics.

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Fine bone china

Grant Macdonald china tableware, like our precious metals, combines timeless designs with craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each piece is handmade in Britain, in the time honoured traditions of the country’s great potteries, made only from hand-selected British clay and decorated with fine 24kt gold.

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Fine crystal

Grant Macdonald’s crystal workshops are devoted to capturing the the clarity and fire of cut lead glass, through designs that complement our fine bone china and dining silverware. The result is the finest quality crystal that adds the unmistakable feel of luxury, and the aesthetics of elegance, to every occasion.

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City of London

Grant Macdonald’s connection to London extends much further than merely being it’s home. Commissioned by livery companies and members alike, Grant Macdonald has for generations crafted unique commissions for the City.

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Grand Macdonald picture frames are made to last not one, but many lifetimes. They are timeless designs to hold our most cherished memories securely, reflecting skillful design and quality craftsmanship wherever they are, be it in the home, the office, or travelling with you.

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Give something special with Grant Macdonald’s range of unique silver and gold handcrafted gifts. To discuss having a bespoke gift made for you please call +44 (0)20 7633 0278.

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