Video Chat Styles for Gentlemen

Now the Lockdown is easing you have – hopefully – got the chance to get out a bit more. However for many of us at work the chances are we are all going to be having meetings via video chat apps for a while yet. Which brings us to the interesting sartorial issue of looking good on a webcam. You have probably noticed a bit of a dress-down effect for everyday work chats over Zoom or MS Teams, but you can’t present a proposal to your boardroom wearing a t-shirt and hoodie, even if it is online. That striped double-cuff collection in the wardrobe will still come in handy sooner or later, in person or in video. But how do you dress-up your desktop style without being too flashy or obvious? When the crisp work shirt and blouse are seen mostly via webcam you also need some fine details to set it off.

A striking pair of cufflinks, with a bold design that is distinctive and visible adds a subtle touch of style to your appearance. Something clearly visible, like our 3D CAD designed statement pieces, handmade by our master craftsmen, guaranteed to look as good on screen as they do in the metal.

If there is one thing we know at Grant Macdonald London – as master silversmiths that have lived and worked through decades of booms, slumps, and changing tastes for luxury goods and design – it is how resilient and adaptable our clients are. So, if we’re going to keep meeting most – or even some – of our clients and colleagues via webcam, it’s inevitable that we’ll want to do it looking as sharp and tasteful as ever… from the waist up at least.