The Leopard Reclines

The Leopard Reclines

A feat of modern design and traditional craftsmanship, The Leopard Reclines blends the latest high-end technology with the skills of master silversmiths. A truly exclusive artwork, only one in the world will ever be made and it is available through Harrods only.



The symbol of the Leopard has long been synonymous with British silversmithing.  Since 1327, all items hallmarked in London have received the mark of a Leopard’s Head as the symbol of authentication.  Through this Masterpiece, Grant Macdonald celebrates the world renowned skill of London silversmithing in the 21st Century.   


As a complete one-off piece, this majestic animal has been designed to drape perfectly along an organic piece of New Zealand driftwood, using 3D scanning and printing technology.  

Once cast in sterling silver into 20 separate pieces, each individual hair on the body is chased into the silver by hand, taking an estimated 70 hours to complete the entire Leopard. This level of precision is what brings the piece to life.

Each piece of the animal is then fitted together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle and hand-finished to ensure a seamless surface. 

Finally, the Leopard is decorated with its trademark spots which have been individually hand painted by a talented in-house artist.


Dimensions & Silver Weight…….


The Leopard is presented in a sleek black case, which is handmade by master boxmakers in England


Available exclusively at Harrods for £49,950

Grant_Macdonald_Leopard_2LOWRES.jpg Grant_Macdonald_Leopard_6LOWRES.jpg Grant_Macdonald_Leopard_7LOWRES.jpg Grant_Macdonald_Leopard_8LOWRES.jpg Grant_Macdonald_Leopard_5LOWRES.jpg

posted on march 30, 2016

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